Who IS She? – 10 Things

In a recent conversation I was having with some strangers on the internet (I promise I’m safe, Mom), it was brought to my attention that those of you that are following along here might not actually know that much about me.

And that’s a problem because like, I actually REALLY want to be your friend. I want to get to know you and I want you to get to know me and do the whole friend thing. Which can’t happen if I’m just a stranger on the internet. So against my better judgement, I’m going to tell you 10 things about myself you might not know. Some of this is boring and personal and some of this will hopefully entertain you enough to read it all?

1. I tell people I’m from Michigan, but I’m really from Indiana.

I don’t actually have a solid reason for this? The best I have is that when Dylan and I meet new people, it’s much easier to just say that we’re from Michigan. I mean, I did spend the last almost 5 years in Michigan? I don’t have any kind of weird shame about where I grew up. I love it actually. Definitely more now than I did when I was there. One of my favorite things about visiting home is just driving down backroads with the windows down, where you can see nothing but farms for miles. How does that make any sense at all right?! Life just feels a lot more simple there in the moments.

2. I have “No Scrubs” tattooed on my foot. 

I didn’t realize how many people didn’t know this about me until recently! But yes, I do have an outline of a heart on my foot with “No Scrubs” inside. I freaking love TLC. And everyone needs to remember their worth *hairflip*. Of all of my tattoos, it’s actually my favorite.

3. I made up my degree.

Well I mean, not entirely. But my diploma does say “Individualized”. I went to a small liberal arts college that didn’t have an exact Music Business program. When I decided to change my major from sociology, I got to pick and choose which classes I wanted to take and create a few independent studies as well. I did have to walk through my four year plan and defend each decision with our registrar’s office, and that wasn’t quite as fun as picking out my classes. I do have a traditional advertising minor!

4. I don’t plan on having kids.

I know a lot of people grow up, looking forward to being a parent. They’ve sort of always known they wanted kids. And that’s awesome! Yay for them! Truly! I, however, have never had that feeling. So Dylan and I are looking forward to being the cool aunt and uncle. * I would love to dedicate an entire post to this, so keep your eyes peeled.  

5. I hate being a “blogger”.

I hate feeling like I’m trying to sell my friends something. And there’s absolutely a stereotype that the bloggers are just trying to be a form of celebrity, which really turned me off of wanting to do something like this. The title alone has this kind of desperate and annoying connotation. BUT – I am proud of this, so of course I want to share it. This truly began and still is something I was doing for myself and it’s been so cool to have you all following along.

6. I desperately wish I could sing.

I have ALWAYS wished I could sing. But, it’s not in the cards for me. So I’ll just continue to belt at the top of my lungs in the shower and tell myself I sound just like Demi Lovato, and no one can burst my bubble.

7. I used to put my worth in my work. 

But also like, who can say they’ve never done that? I used to be so prideful in the work I was doing. Not the point that I was braggy (and if I was, I am so sorry haha). But I used to only be proud of myself when I was constantly working and getting so much “accomplished”.  If I’m really honest, I still do this sometimes and it’s not fun. It’s not until recently that I’ve been able to take a step back and focus on where my worth really comes from and not let myself be defined by what I do for a living.

8. I believe there are many ways up the “Mountain”, kind of.

Yes and no. I just believe that a lot of religions have more in common than they’d like to admit and I do believe that all religions have something to learn from one another. I truly am fascinated by the way some faiths respect the earth or pay more attention the supernatural spirit, and I do believe that there is validity in those things.

9. I lowkey hate shopping for clothes. 

It’s not that big of a secret actually. A lot of my friends who have shopped with me know that I’ll either leave with five of the same shirts in different colors or nothing at all. It’s not because I hate trying stuff on, I actually just hate wasting time. And it just takes up sooo much time! I can be so indecisive and I haaate spending money on something I don’t really care about, although I probably should. It is just not my thing. I can shop for home goods or candles all day every day, but shopping for clothes is just not my idea of a good time. Please tell me someone else feels this haha.

10. I never wanted to get married.

But oh my am I glad I did. Not to get too deep, but I had a severe mistrust in “love”. I was not into it and didn’t really believe in it quite frankly. I had my life planned from college to age forty and there was no room for a husband. But, obviously, that has changed. And I’m so glad it did. My relationship with Dylan has shown me what patience, grace, and love truly are. He’s more encouraging and accepting than anyone else I know. My cold black heart is more like a grey color now. I’m not afraid to be sensitive or vulnerable and I’m so thankful. Because boy can that get lonely.

If you made it all the way down there, thank you! Hopefully you’ll leave this feeling like you  know me a little bit better. But I want to get to know you too! Tell me all your secrets and let’s be friends.





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