Hey! My name is Allison and I use this space to rant about all things plant based, political, and maybe even Kardashian related. You can usually find me sipping an iced A86DF284-5C7C-4869-B628-17A8C47B6C02.JPGlatte or a chai, binging reality t.v. (with the exception of The Bachelor/Bachelorette – not into it). My friends tell me that I’m “the least basic looking basic girl” they know, and I’ll own that!

I’m passionate about helping women feel empowered and encouraged. Educating my fellow woman on holistic health ideas, liberation from societal expectations, and political voice while I still learn how to navigate it all myself. Few things make me happier than seeing a woman realize her potential and see other women around her supporting her.




If I could, I would save all the animals (#vegan) but unfortunately my tiny Nashville apartment is only big enough for one rescue pup at a time! While I’m a city girl at heart, sometimes I fantasize about throwing it all away and starting an animal sanctuary with my sweet husband, Dylan. We’ve been married nearly a year and I couldn’t have asked for a better support system and partner! Dylan is the mastermind behind Fernwood Film Co, and I’m so grateful to watch him thrive as his second shooter!

Thanks for coming to my corner of the internet and spending some time with me!

If you’re interested in learning more about me or Dylan, you can watch our wedding film below or check out my Ten Things post!