Ranting Women

What is a Ranting Woman?

Ranting Woman:
A woman who is tired of having others speak for her. Who refuses to let her voice go unheard and works to empower the voices of women around her.

Oh she’s a ranting woman?! I wondered why she’s so unafraid! 
She’s a ranting woman, of course she demanded equal pay.

Why “Ranting”?
Too often, a woman’s anger is dismissed. If a woman is vocal about her anger, she’s throwing a hormone induced tantrum. If a woman comes across too stern, she is cold and heartless. We’re working to change that. To have our anger, our voices, and our “rants” heard.

Ranting Women is an online community full of bad ass ladies who seek to encourage, educate, and empower the women around them. It’s a place where we welcome vulnerability, celebrate strength, and encourage honesty. Ranting Women is a celebration of sisterhood, and we’d love to have you.