Petit Vour Box Review – September

It’s almost November! You know what that means! That means that you’re about to read a post that’s a month late!!! Bet you’re so pumped! If you’ve been following along at all, you know that one of the things we try to do over here at is empower women. Part of that empowerment is educating women and giving them access to products that are significantly better for their health, than what they’re currently using. If you don’t think the make up you’re wearing now is that that bad, you’re going to want to put a pause on this, and read up on the Five Toxins on Your Face Right Now.

Petit Vour has been a super helpful part of this clean beauty journey for me and I’m really pumped to tell you all about what came in my September subscription box! Honestly, I wasn’t super impressed with the August box. I really loved the Eye of Horus Brow Pencil that came in it, but the rest was just kinda “meh” to me.


The September box came with a lip crayon, bath oil, shampoo + conditioner sample, and lotion! I’ll go product by product telling you exactly what I thought of each one!

1. Axiology Lip Crayon – $26
Impressed immediately by the packaging. I love the triangle shape and the shimmery gold. I received the color Enduring. *peep that swatch pic*. This crayon went on SO SMOOTHLY. It was like butter. I did feel like it plumped and moisturized my lips, and wasn’t drying at all. Now, it is a color I don’t normally wear, so I’m not sure how often I’ll use it. My only critique would be that it didn’t stay as bright or last as long as I wanted it to.


Processed with VSCO with m5 preset2. Olverum Bath Oil – $13
YA’LL I felt so fancy. Now normally, I wouldn’t buy something that is going to
literally just go down the drain (#bathoil) but this felt so luxurious. I mean, just look at that glass bottle. Made up of organic essential oils, it smells SUH GOOD. After soaking for a while, my skin was left so soft and smooth. You only need about a third of the bottle per bath (or shower if you prefer) so there’s plenty left. If you want to give something luxurious to a friend that won’t break the bank, I recommend this!



3. Evolvh Ultra Shine Moisture Shampoo + Conditioner – $5 Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
THIS PRODUCT IS ONLY FIVE DOLLARS I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT BECAUSE IT IS MAGIC. Seriously. Made for all hair types, this duo is voluminizing (yas), frizz-dimenishing (yas yas), and color-protecting (yas yas yas). My hair felt so clean and so healthy. Not to mention, it left my hair with an incredible shine. I cannot stress enough how surprised I was by this. I mean, they didn’t send a very big sample, and I’ve got a lot of hair on my head. I didn’t expect to notice a difference at all, but my hair felt genuinely clean, smelled great, and looked great. I will absolutely be purchasing this again.

4. Andalou Naturals Kukui Cocoa Nourishing Body Butter- $2 
When I tell you that this lotion could not have come at a better time, I mean it. The Processed with VSCO with m5 presetNashville cold snuck up on all of us this year and dry skin is slowly killing me. But this lotion has been everything I needed. Without leaving my skin greasy, this lotion makes my skin so so soft. Not to mention, it smells like cake batter (and if you don’t think that’s a good thing, UM BYE). Safe to use all over, this is the perfect lotion to have in your bag. Will definitely be purchasing again BECAUSE DID YOU SEE THAT IT’S ONLY TWO DOLLARS!!!





Keep your eyes peeled for an IGTV video review as well! In the meantime, you can keep yourself entertained with the last IGTV review that I’d consider only a partial failure.

Petit Vour Box Review – August

Part of my mission over here at Allison Ranting is to empower and educate other women while I continue to learn myself! I think a HUGE part of being empowered, is choice. When it comes to beauty products, there’s nothing more empowering than knowing what options exist, what exactly is in them, and being able to make the best decisions for your body/health.

I’ve recently started learning more about common toxins found in beauty products and holy crap, guys. It’s actually pretty scary. To play a little catch up, I laid out some of the five most common toxins, here. So I’m looking for new products but since I’m kind of starting with little knowledge here, I thought the best way to try new products would be with a subscription box! After doing some research, I decided to go with the Petit Vour monthly box.


Petit Vour (peh-tee vohr) is a luxury vegan company that partners with brands to provide vegan, cruelty free, and nontoxic products for every aspect of life (seriously, they have like..everything). Their Cruelty Free Beauty box ships monthly, with 4 products inside. ($45-$60 value) for $15/mo!

So I’m going fill you in on the products I get each month and tell you what worked and what didn’t work for me! We’re starting with the August box (yes I know it’s October, but just chill here. We’re playing catch up).

  1. Formulary Sea Clay Mask
    IMG_5023.JPGAlright, so this mask is supposed to remove impurities, pollutants, and excess oils without stripping the skin. Technically you’re not supposed to use it on your face unless you have oily skin. So I tried it on my chest first. I had absolutely no idea how to apply a mask like this. It showed up as a powder and says to apply to damp skin. Easy enough, right? I just dampened my skin and rubbed in the powder. But that didn’t work so well, so I had to like.. really really wet my skin. BUT – after I got it on, it smelled amazing. I’m a big matcha fan (one of the four ingredients in the mask). I did notice that it had stripped some oils, which was great. But since I don’t follow directions, I decided to try it on my face (which you saw a glimpse of on my insta story). Again, smelled amazing. It did strip oils from my face too, but afterwards it left it super red sooo, maybe just follow the directions and don’t put it on your face unless you have really oily skin???
  2. Eye of Horus Eyebrow Pencil
    YA’LL THIS EYEBROW PENCIL!! I’m obsessed. I wasn’t sure how easily it would apply, but ya’ll it is smooth like butter. It doesn’t go on too thick and it doesn’t go on too thin. It’s got a handy little brush the end and packaging was full of cute empowering quotes. I don’t really know what else you want to know about eyebrow pencils… but it works and I’d 10/10 buy this again.IMG_4939.JPG3. Odacite Black Mint Cleanser

    So this trendy little charcoal cleanser was a trip to use. Let me just offer you a bit of advice and remind you to remove the foil that comes under the lid. I forgot to remove it and when I gave the bottle a little squeeze, the gel shot out of the top of the tube and went all over my bathroom. But, once I finally got it on my face, it foamed up and was definitely cooling! The gel is supposed to eliminate excess oil, impurities, environmental toxins, and makeup. It left my skin with a bit of redness, but my skin did look and feel very clean and refreshed! Probs wouldn’t buy to be honest.
  3. St. Tropica Hot Oil Virgin Coconut Hair Mask
    Hair masks terrify me. I don’t want my hair to be greasy than it already is TBH. ButIMG_1145.JPGI tried it anyway, just for you. This is another example of when I forgot how to read and couldn’t follow instructions. So basically, you put it in the microwave to heat it up, then apply it to your roots and massage it into your scalp. THEN you’re supposed to cover your hair with plastic wrap, which I forgot to do LOL. The instructions say to leave it on for at least twenty minutes but for best results, leave it over night. You and I both know we don’t have time for that let alone risk having to do an extra load of laundry to wash oil out of our pillowcases. SO I let it sit for twenty minutes, and washed my hair twice to get it out. It definitely left my hair smooth and shiny, and I really probably would do it again!

Of all of the products in this box, the eyebrow pencil I would for sure purchase again. Keep your eyes out for a review of September’s box, coming soon! Hopefully this helpful to you. I hope that by doing this, we all learn how to use our purchasing power to make the best decisions for ourselves and our bodies!


5 Toxins on Your Face Right Now

Just like the food we put in our bodies, the things we put ON our bodies have incredible effects on our health and wellness. Shampoos, lotions, foundations, etc can actually be very harmful. Ingredients in them have been linked to so many crazy things like hormonal disruptions and even cancer. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably rolling your eyes right now because “everything can cause cancer”. I know there are lots of studies with lots of different perspectives and opinions, but it is ignorant to believe that the things you put on your skin and in your hair (which goes directly into your bloodstream) doesn’t effect your health in any way.

Our federal beauty standards (the laws – not like who’s hot and who’s not) have not had a major update SINCE 1938! 1938! This was the same year that Adolf Hitler’s army marched into the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia. It’s 2018 HELLO! We’ve had incredible advances in science and technology since then, and while we need to continue to push for legislative change, there are things we can do as consumers to better protect ourselves and take more responsibility. Cosmetic companies are self regulating, so with every purchase, you’re telling the companies what you are or aren’t okay with putting in/on your body.

I’m new to this. This toxin free, clean, vegan beauty world. I’m excited to keep learning and I’m even more excited to share with all of you what I’m learning! So for starters, here’s are some of the key ingredients to avoid. Consider this a beginners list!


  1. Formaldehyde Releasing Preservatives 
    Okay, but like.. what is Formaldehyde? Formaldehyde is a slow releasing gas. It’s linked to ALS, Cancer, increased asthma, allergies, and more.What does it look like on the label? All of the following ingredients commonly found in your makeup contain formaldehyde:
    sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, methenamine, Diazolidinyl Urea, DMDM hydantoin and quaternium-15
  2. Parabens – used for “fragrance”
    We saw a huge marketing push for “Paraben Free” shampoo in recent years, which is great! However it’s still estimated that 75% of cosmetic products still use them. Parabens are proven to disrupt the functions of our hormones, acting similarly in the body to estrogen. Linked to breast cancer and negative male reproductive functions, it’s definitely something avoid.What do they look like on a label?
    Benzylparaben, Butylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Proplyparaben
  3.  Polyethylene/PEGS
    You know those cute little exfoliating beads in your face wash & lip scrubs? They’re not so cute. We’ve heard murmurs about their negative effect on the environment, but not so much what they’re doing to our bodies! The chemicals that make those little guys up are contaminated with 1,4-dioxane, something the U.S government considers a probable human carcinogen (meaning it probs causes cancer and it did in fact for so many innocent animals that were tested on #NoMoreAnimalTesting) that penetrates the skin no problem. We literally RUB this into our skin. I had to throw my face wash away when I found this out, R.I.P. After you rinse your face and it the beads go down the drain, they collect more pollutants and travel into water ways, where they’re consumed by fish and marine animals.What’s it look like on a label?
    Propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol* (not exactly the same thing, but also often contaminated with 1,4 dioxane)
  4. FD&C or D&C
    These letters are representatives of synthetic colors.  F represents food and D&C represents drug and cosmetics.”These letters precede a color and number (e.g., D&C Red 27 or FD&C blue 1). These synthetic colors are derived from petroleum or coal tar sources. Synthetic colors are suspected to be a human carcinogen, a skin irritant and are linked to ADHD in children. The European Classification and Labeling considers it a human carcinogen and the European Union has banned it.”What’s it look like on a label?
    FD&C [insert color and number], D&C [insert color and number]
  5. Sunscreen Chemicals
    I know this is a hard one to get your mind around. From such a young age, we’re taught the importance of wearing sunscreen. As adults, the anti aging benefits of sunscreen are advertised in almost every cosmetic aisle. While sunscreen itself isn’t something to avoid, there are quite a few things commonly used in it, that you should. The function of the chemicals are to absorb ultraviolet light, but they are also endocrine disruptors, meaning they mess with your hormones. Disruptions to the endocrine system can cause cancerous tumors, birth defects, and other developmental disorders. Sunscreen chemicals are easily absorbed by the body and can also cause cellular damage and cancer.What’s it look like on a label?
    Benzophenone, PABA, avobenzone, homosalate and ethoxycinnmate

I know this is overwhelming. It feels like there’s a million and one things to be aware of and to remember. Trust me, I feel overwhelmed. BUT, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. It’s going to be difficult to rethink our favorite products, brands, and who we put our “trust” in. But it’s also SO empowering! You’re giving yourself the tools you need to make better decisions for YOU! For YOUR body and YOUR health! It might seem impossible right now, but I am so excited to take steps to take more control and know exactly what I’m putting in my body and I hope you are too! If you have questions or want to learn more, join the Ranting Women group! It’s a group of badass babes who are so good at empowering rather than competing. I feel like a proud mom. We’d love to have you.